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Indivisible (Paramount+)

Documentary Miniseries |  Writer, Executive Producer

Hosted by acclaimed actor Mandy Patinkin, this thought-provoking, six-part documentary miniseries traces the evolution of anti-government right wing extremism from the end of the Vietnam War, through the sieges at Ruby Ridge and Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing, and January 6th.

We track America’s growing division through the eyes of those who experienced this extremism first hand: a reformed Neo-Nazi, a mother victimized by vicious hate crimes, a father whose child perished in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building explosion, and the son of an infamous architect of the radical right wing. These individuals join a host of voices from all ends of the ideological spectrum to piece together the story of the rise America's modern radical right.

Indivisible: Healing Hate
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